Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Our Social Network

Stone age, it used to be there. Where? Do I care? I never was  a part of it. I used to get a simple idea about how it may have been looking at the characters in the Cartoon Show called The Flinstones during my childhood. How true is that, I would not be bothered with my knowledge coz the world runs with the hypothesis itself. The childhood was in fact amazing. Unmanageable energy, care-free attitude and silly innocence. The Black and white television, the wresting show which we used to think it was real for a long time until the WWF changed into WWE, the jungle book and many more in the silver screen. Good part is everyone has a childhood he/she is fond of remembering once he/she starts getting old.
Grown up and still growing, the continuous and varied phases of life, teach u lot of lessons. People u come across may make an impact or not. But, when we enter one phase of life, we just have left the initial phase of life. These phases are full of vivid experiences. The people, by far are the most important ones in each phase of life. We miss people and then we connect events with those people when we start turning the pages of our memory lane.  So people come first.
Networking was tough even about a decade ago. The advancement in the cyber world has brought great benefits to daily life of every one. Let’s look at the brighter side coz darkness comes without invitation.  By far one of the finest forms of modern day cyber invention is the page called the Facebook. Engineers will find my language technically unsound in terms of the terms I may be using from the internet world, the computer world , the network world. But let’s be sensible and not technical here.  6 years have passed ever since I signed up for a Facebook account. Hi5 was a regular feature then. Very much inclined with Hi5, never wanted to use it so early. But yes, it prevailed throughout the world like wild fire. There were lot of platforms like Hi5, orkut and other such networks connecting ur people in the cyber world. Particularly, one made a mark right from its beginning and spread like air everywhere and it was Mr. Mark  Zuckerbergs invention in the name of Facebook. This is all I know about facebook here in terms of its so called glorious history.
Honestly, everyone in the world has accepted a fact that this social network created a world within a world where meeting people to know first never became a priority, finding old friends and finally communicating in such a wonderful platform got real concrete form. Millions of people use facebook. It’s basically  none of our concern. People we are concerned are not among the millions, but are rather the people like the minions, the characters from Despicable me-2, sweet and cute in every aspects.

I am not an exception. I belong to normal facebook users. I also have people of my own world and the timeline and the walls are in fact very interesting. The friend request, the relationship status, your work status, marital status, ur hobbies and finally your text called the Facebook status. People update every moments in life ranging from smallest amount of sadness to highest degree of obvious happiness. The wide range of people  with wide range of interests. Some seek attentions and some get attentions. You die for likes and comments and some are overwhelmed with uninvited likes and comments. The world looks like its in the process of merry making and everyone looks happy with few sad notes and few serious quotations duly copied and credited to the philosophers in the status. But apparently not every thing looks so real. It’s all the general human tendency of seeing the grass always greener at the other side. The social network is overrated I guess. You have a world to cherish when you try to come out of this virtual world. 

I would say it’s the 80’s impact or say ‘born in the 80s’ thing that we’ve experienced everything. We grew up in the transition of technological advancement and I guess there are a lot of things we remember as a part of our childhood, the way it used to be and how we started becoming so technology lovers gradually adapting to it. But 20 years down the line, the people at our current age, most of them will have nothing more than the timeline to look at it. Moreover, people already have become so monotonous in the virtual world of facebook as well as the use of so called smart  phones that the world has become a loner’s paradise. We need no friends to hang out in real coz we got hangouts and other messengers to talk to them.
People celebrate birthdays with camera’s ready to take shots more than the gifts for a birthday gal or the birthday boy just to check in and post some pictures and tag and no one is particularly interested in the cake. You go to a party. The dance floor is dark yet with few glittering lights. You check in again and look out for a place with proper lights to take pictures again and dance??? Do you care?? Hell, no. You don’t drink but u always love the word “ cheers” be it for a tea or for a coke. You become a rapper with the use of words like mah for my, lop for love, ya for you and the obvious k for okay. The 36 pictures roll in the analog camera had some values rather than the digital cameras today that really provide you perfections in a matter of 1000 shots you take in comparison to what the analog camera used to give – the anxiousness about how your pictures would finally be developed and how it would appear. Everything again comes in the social network. Whenever we visited to our relatives any time, the very first thing we used to do when we were kids was normally ask the photo albums to look at the pictures and spend quality time for it. Your digi-cam gives you 500 pictures you sort 200 of them upload a 150 and get likes for few 15. Energy wasted, I must say. I was not an exception either but for all this long time, I’ve been using this facebook and it has given some form of realization that it takes away your lot of productive time and your interest in real time happiness, the real feelings you should feel when you run through any form of experience rather than getting prepared for it.  I would not say it’s absolutely bad and should not be used at all coz our people are important to us. But seriously we prefer talking to them more in online mode rather than in live mode and this is what amazes me the most.
Social network has become a part of our life for obvious reasons that it has already eaten us up. But as the age passes by, our energy will gradually look in for a saturating direction and before it starts to head towards the direction, it’s high time for us to rethink again. Are we surrendering our lives to technology and internet?  The network was created by humans, today it is in the form of facebook and other social networking and tomorrow another platform may pull our interests towards it.  But it’s a human creation and we as humans, lets not be a victim of our own creation.